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The official T-shirt of the Brian Jones Memorial Fan Club. Our beautiful T-shirt features a painting of the lovely face of Brian Jones in an artistic, gorgeous fashion. This T-shirt will stand apart from any ‘commercial-style’ Brian Jones T-shirt on the market.

In ladies slim-fit sizes Small, Medium or Large in Lemon Yellow. Also available in a sexy white ladies tank top. For men, sizes Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large, we have done the design on Buttercup Yellow. The design itself is printed in Moroccan Blue, using the latest iron-on technique (will not peel, and is barely discernible by touch).

This painting of Brian was originally used for the T-shirts of the Brian Jones Memorial Fan Club in 1978. The painting was done by Massachusetts artist Steve Wilda. Steve Wilda is a very successful painter out of America (and big fan of Brian Jones). His most recent credentials include the Robert Sanstrom Prize of the National Society of Painters in Casein & Acrylic in New York City - June 2011!!! We thank you, Steve Wilda, for your beautiful contribution, and for granting us permission to resurrect the painting for our new T-shirt 33 years later.


Prices are as follows:       U.S.A.      $50

                                      U.K.        £30

                                      E.U.         €40

We love Paypal, if you cannot do this, write to us privately.  Our address for Paypal is:

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Allow three weeks for delivery. Please remember to include delivery address and name.

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